GALLEIDO SHOWER MEMBER (Delivery every 60 days subscription) Shower head body free & Chlorine removal & Water saving effect

販売価格 価格 $18.00 通常価格 単価  あたり 

「 Get the best bath time for $0.33 a day! 」

GALLEIDO SHOWER MEMBER is a shower head&chlorine removal cartridge subscription(Delivery every 60 days subscription).

If you subscribe to this subscription, It can be washed with a beautiful bubbles smaller than the pores, and protects skin and hair from chlorine damage by removing 99.9% of chlorine in tap water. In addition to them, it is possible to save up to 61% of water. Even more surprising, we made the shower head body free and achieved an inspiring price of $0.33 per day. This is an exceptional price in Japan. That's because we want to deliver an emotional experience to as many people as possible.
Let's take this opportunity to get the best bathing time!

In the first delivery, we will deliver the main body of the shower head and the chlorine removal cartridge. Two refill cartridges will be delivered in one delivery. So, refill the cartridge once a month. Please check the product image for details.

The price of a single delivery is $19.8. We deliver every 60 days.

〈 Notes 〉
・Please note that it cannot be used for shower heads that are fixed to the wall or ceiling. Only equipment with a shower head fixed to the shower hose can be used.
・For the second and subsequent deliveries, only refill chlorine removal cartridges will be delivered. Please do not throw away cartridge case and keep it.





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