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Package Contents

・Water Flosser
・User manual x1
・Nozzle Replacements x3

This order does not include a subscription.

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Take Control.

No more putting off your oral care and letting the cavities win. The GALLEIDO Water Flosser's design coupled with its subscription plan makes it easier than ever to regularly take proper care of your teeth and gums anytime, anyplace.

-Buttons are conveniently placed so you can blast away food particles, plaque and bacteria that lead to cavities and gum disease.

-Shape of the body has been constructed for maintaining optimum grip during use.

How It Works.

The GALLEIDO Water Flosser shoots out a concentrated water stream so you just aim it between each tooth to remove all the buildup you can't easily brush. Start with the "Soft Mode" and then try other modes after you get used to it.

Simply Fill & Floss

Unlike many traditional water flossers, this product comes without a clunky separate external tank making it easy to take out on the go and store in a the bathroom. Just fill up the single device with water through a hole at the bottom and you're ready to water floss. The bottom is clear so you can check if it is time to refill the water.